How to Save An Elephant With CPR? Jump Up and Down on its Chest to Revive Her

A truly staggering effort saw a mother and baby elephant rescued from a deep concrete pit in Thailand, during which a veterinary team had to perform elephant CPR.

In torrential monsoon rains, groups of people were trying to help the mama escape with the aid of a cherry picker and thick strapping, but she remained in a defense posture on account of her calf.

Wildlife volunteers tranquilized the 10-year-old mother, but she hit her head on the edge of the concrete structure, knocking her unconscious.

After pulling her out with a hydraulic digger arm, dramatic footage shows the vets jumping up and down on her chest to revive her, during which time the one-year-old calf was helped to scramble out of the hole.

Mercifully, the mom woke up suddenly, after a three-hour rescue ordeal in mud, high grass and pouring rain. After the two cross the road and enter the forest, the lead vet can be seen nearly collapsing with relief.